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If you are developing a medical device or diagnostic instrument, System Dynamics can design and develop high quality software for your product. We have the experience and the total commitment, both during and after development, to do it right.

Far too often, we’ve seen examples of software that is buggy, hard to use and understand, poorly-documented, unnecessarily complex, and minimally supported. We have come to the rescue of some customers who have had “horror stories” of outsourced software gone bad.

System Dynamics has a different approach, based on decades of experience and a total commitment to quality, usability, and customer satisfaction.

It’s not enough for the software to just address the required functionality. The software has to do more than merely meet the specification; it must meet and exceed your customers’ expectations and proudly represent the quality of your products.

Making it work, technically and practically

System Dynamics has the know-how and experience to tackle even the most complex systems. We have particular expertise in complex task scheduling, applied robotics, sensor interacting, and multi-component motion control. And our commitment to usability means that we take on the burden of complexity so that your customer, the end-user, does not.